Investment Approach

M20 invests primarily in service-based businesses, especially those with modest capital intensity.

Invested Capital expects future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc.
The firm actively seeks established, profitable companies with recurring revenues, predictable cash flows and sustainable competitive positions in (preferably) growing industries.
With 20 years of experience, M2O recognizes high-potential investments. The firm prides itself on accelerated due diligence of investment opportunities. It responds to private placement memoranda quickly and, under most circumstances, will make a decision within one week. When the firm commits to a deal, funds are available immediately.
As the firm invests capital to build more successful companies, it aims to develop
long-term relationships with the management of portfolio companies.
M2O seeks companies with sales of: Broadly speaking $1 to $5 million EBITDA $5 to $20 million.
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