About Us

M2O was formed as a family investment office in 1992. The firm made its inaugural investment that same year, purchasing the National Lines Bureau, a ship mooring company operating in the combined ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

M2O took a hands-on approach to the investment and directly managed the National Lines Bureau for five years. During that period, the company’s operations were improved and streamlined. By the time it was sold in 1997, the National Lines Bureau generated 100% return on invested capital annually.

Today, M2O invests in high growth, small to mid-sized companies. Unlike traditional private equity or venture capital groups, the firm's investment horizon is often 10 years or more. Consequently, the firm develops lasting relationships with the companies—and managers—in which it invests.

M2O invests primarily in service-based businesses, especially those with modest capital intensity. The firm actively seeks established, profitable companies with recurring revenues,...     Read more

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